Universal Law

“Always remember: your focus determines your reality”

– George Lucas (creator of Star Wars)

We must understand that stating that we want something will only produce that same experience; WANTING something. This is a statement of lack; meaning that the statement originates from the idea that we do not already have what we want. To change our experience, we must act as if we already have it by changing change our focus.

I will share 3 Universal Laws:

1: Thoughts become things.

In order to achieve our goals, we must believe and envision that we already have it. Therefore, our prayers should not be prayers of supplication, but prayers of gratitude. Anything we could ever want, we already have as soon a we think it. We must understand that we cannot simply judge by appearances; these are metaphysical concepts after all. Just because someone does not currently experience their desires, does not mean that they are not attracting that experience over time.

2: All Potentials Exist

All potentials exist. Nothing is impossible. If you can think it, then it exists. In my opinion, the definition of impossible is wrong. Currently, if something is declared impossible, then it can never be achieved. But as we all know, traveling to and from the moon was once deemed impossible but we do it regularly today. Even reading this on a screen was deemed “impossible” at one point in time. I simply decided to redefine the word “impossible” as the following:

Something that has knowingly yet to happen.

This seems like a more accurate description considering that is typically what people mean when they declare something is impossible.

The only limitations are the stories we tell ourselves about why we cannot achieve our goals.

3: Everything is energy. Everything we could ever want has a certain frequency. If one can match their personal frequency with the frequency of what they desire, they will inevitably achieve their goal.

We must learn to match our frequency with that which you desire by stating, believing and ACTING as if you already have it.  The universe has no choice but to reveal to you that which you desire. Ultimately, we must intentionally use our imagination like we do everyday. Nothing ever happens without intention. In order to get out of bed, we must intend to do so before we do it. In order to speak we must intend to speak before we sound out our words. We do this so often that it is second nature; it becomes so automatic that we forget all the possibilities that our imagination can allow us to experience.

Everything we’ve ever wanted or will want we already have; judge not by appearances. Writing, speaking and thinking or goals into reality everyday is what it means to successfully use this law. Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich goes into further detail in regards to the usage of this law.

Below is a video of Dr. Emoto’s Rice experiment. It visibly shows us the power of consistent focus. I HIGHLY recommend you do this. Especially with your children.

*Disclaimer: I did not create this video nor do I own any of its contents. No copyright infringement intended.*

Below is a video of my personal results from the Rice Experiment in 2015. I did the experiment again in 2016. If you’re curious to learn more about the results or how to properly preform the experiment, feel free to message me.

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