Money Mindset


“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

– Zig Ziglar

It is a natural law of the universe that the more effectively a person can provide the masses with what they want, the more that same person gets what they want. That is why Thomas Edison was so effective in business; he provided the gift of the light bulb to the masses. Same for Henry Ford’s Model T automobile. The same can be said for Andrew Carnegie, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs.

Mastering the money mindset requires deep consistent thought. We are exposed so much to the idea that having money means that family is second. Or that helping people and contributing to society is on the back burner once amassing larges sums of money. There are plenty of wealthy people who are humble and generous enough to contribute to society more than just their business’s services. Just like there are also people in poverty who are unkind, selfish and full of anger towards the world.

Am I saying that there are no corrupt wealthy people? No I am not. What I am saying is that both types of people, the good and bad, exist at both ends of the economic spectrum. People who are wealthy just get more attention and their decisions inevitably have more impact on society economically; I personally believe that this is the cause of the illusion that wealthy people are corrupt puppeteers in society.

Many people love to give their time to help others. But wouldn’t it feel better to provide a service to the masses, generate a massive income from that service, then give that income away abundantly everyday? Would it not be better to live an abundant life on 10% of your income and give away the other 90%? Non-profits have plenty of volunteers, but not enough money.

The main differentiation that I have come to observe between America’s 1% income earners and the other 99% is clarity. People who have an entrepreneurial mindset have a clear vision of exactly what they intend their future to look like. They also do not allow anything to block their vision. Jim Rohn stated that “Success is something you attract by becoming an attractive person.” Having a clear vision of what your goals are and coupling it with the tenacity pursue that goal relentlessly is an attractive trait of being a leader.

I personally have meet very well educated homeless people. They have a positive mindset and plenty of powerful ideas to share with the world, yet the do not act on it. That is another trait that people are generally attracted to; someone who takes action and does it as soon as they possibly can.

Why see the glass of milk as half full OR half empty when one can always add more milk? The glass is not the source of milk in the first place. Ray Higdon talks about how we live in a society of “or” statements. People are thinking of scarcity and boundaries instead of abundance and limitlessness. “When choosing between your family OR money what would you choose?” Why choose between one or the other when you can and DESERVE to have both. Besides, how can one adequately support their family in this society without an abundance of money? As human beings we should love ourselves enough to give ourselves the opportunity to live life as abundantly as we desire too. Let that sink in…

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