“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

– Abraham Lincoln

I love living. I put effort into waking up everyday excited to see what is in store. I look forward to seeing how many lives I can change and what kind of growth I will make. Life is a precious commodity with limitless capabilities. Although I consider life to be a blessing, there have been times when I thought the latter.

So far in my time on this Earth, I have come to understand that life has no value without pain. Living a life full of pain would be miserable, but living with the absence of pain at all times would devalue happiness. If all we knew was joy and joy alone, we would become numb to the feeling; exposure to a certain feeling plays a large roll here. For some people, they even become numb to a certain kind of pain, which can be dangerous.

Truthfully, it is the journey that matters. I do not know what kind of journey you may be taking in life while reading this. What I do know, is that if we as human beings achieved our desires instantaneously without any effort or resistance, we would not care about our accomplishments the way we do now. I can recall a time where I was playing a favorite childhood game of mine. I input cheat codes to see what it was like, I got bored with it immediately, and I ruined the game for myself.

Another example of why resistance is a necessity to life is the hatching of a chicken. The time a chicken hatches from an egg is vital to its survival. If the process of pecking its way out of the egg shell is disrupted and the mother helped the chicken out of the egg, the chicken could freeze to death. This is due to the fact that the body did not warm up enough from the work the chicken would have normally done to get out of the egg.

Each day is an adventure that differs from anything before; assuming we choose to stray away from monotony. Thinking and doing the same thing as the day before will yield the same results as the day before. The only difference between today and yesterday is that we have fewer heartbeats left. Jim Rohn’s mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff, stated it simply: “In order for things to change, you have to change”. In order for anyone to maximize their happiness in life, they will need to change. Jim Rohn later went on to say, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Take charge your our personal development.

Stopping to “smell the roses” is a critical part of life for me. The speed at which everything moves is faster than ever in human history. Society demands so much from us today that people are running just to stand still. People are working 50+ hours a week with barely enough time to tuck their children into bed. Furthermore, those parents may not be pursuing what their hearts truly desire because their time is invested in their job instead of investing it into their dreams; assuming someone did not come crush their dreams already. What is even worse, is that those children will grow to believe that they must do the same.

But life does not have to stay that way. Someone can wake up one day and decide to revolutionize their life. It does not need to take few years to change directions in life. All it takes is a simple decision, which is nearly instantaneous. It is not always wise to “wait” for the perfect conditions to be met in order to change our lives. It is better to spend that time waiting on creating the perfect conditions for succeeding in life. That includes removing the negative people from your life. Getting connected with people who are the positive AND an expert in your desired goal. CONSTANTLY looking for resources to better your mental thinking; audio books, videos or support groups are literally a Google search away. Getting a group of reliable experts help you leverage your time correctly; there is no such thing as changing your life alone. Avoid negativity like the plague; Protect your mind like you would protect a child. We do not power our phones with gasoline, so let’s not feed our bodies with junk or our minds with negativity—it is too destructive.

Before we go on to give ourselves excuses like, “I do not have the time”, realize that we all have the same amount of time in a day. From Warren Buffet to the local homeless person, we all have the same amount of time in a day, it is simply dependent upon how we use it. Remove excuses like “those people were special” or “I’m too far in to quit now” or “if it wasn’t for (blank) I would” from your everyday conversation. A week ago, I spoke with a Vietnamese man who fought in the Vietnam war and he told me he came to the states with nothing but a t-shirt and a pen; he could not even speak English! Today he works whenever he wants to however long he chooses to and can put all his children through college without any financial assistance!

Do I believe there may be some luck involved in life, yes. We are are all born with different circumstances and have different cards to play. However, as far as I’m concerned, we all won the lottery just by being born. There were millions of sperm that could have made it but we did instead! Just being born is one in a million already and the way we decide to play our cards is heavily dependent upon ourselves. There is an answer out there for people looking to take control over their life, but that answer only goes to those who are actively searching for it. Not just looking thoroughly, but continuously. Time spent playing the blame game and energy spent licking our wounds feeling sorry for ourselves could be used to maximize this experience we call life.

If you have made it this far then thank you for reading this! Please feel free to contact me via phone or email and leave any comments below. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts!

*Disclaimer: I did not create this video nor do I own any of its contents. No copyright infringement intended.*

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