No Little Things


I remember a time when I asked someone if they were “doing alright”. They clearly seemed to be in a state of distress. That lead to a conversation that prevented them from taking their life that night.

No single action that we take should ever be considered a small action. Even choosing not to react has a massive impact on the world. Think about the first human being that ever existed. Now think about how their actions have led to our prosperous society today. Every single act that one human being took today is affecting us all now. The same goes for the second, third and fourth human.

It is easy for people to say, “It does not matter” or, “I am only human” or “Doing one little thing will not change anything.” Here is an alternative way to look at our actions: At some point in time our actions will affect someone somewhere at any given moment, including ourselves of course. Then, those same people who were affected will go on to do the same to others. What we do now has a compounding effect overtime, in way we cannot possibly imagine.

Prime examples are all the “small” actions that took place in Dr. King’s life time that lead him to become the leader that changed so many lives. What he saw his family do and what his teachers said or did not say carried over into his life. I am not discrediting his hard work; I believe HIS actions are HIS actions. What I am saying is that everything that happened before and during his life time, was necessary to bring about such massive change in the United States. Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Benjamin Franklin, and many other figures in history are examples of how much one person changes the course of history.

Think about how much of an impact on society you will have over the course of the next few centuries. Some of you probably prefer not to know or you may not even care, but the fact of the matter is that every action we take only becomes more significant over time. Especially depending on the frequency of that action. Our children carry our will along with them, and that will shall perpetuate itself infinitely. Human beings are small in size compared to the universe and we are such fragile beings. Yet we can get better at anything with practice, manipulate our environment and sail the cosmos.

People do great deeds when no one is looking. We may have a collection of many historical figures and events, but that collection will ALWAYS be smaller than what it actually can be. Many major moments have gone unrecorded, including the ones that may have caused us to postpone or give up on our dreams. These are the types of “small” things in history that have a massive impact on us as a species over time. The amount of people who have died without reaching for their goals due to fear or knowledge is staggering; there may not be a statistic for this fact, but deep down we all know it.

Sometimes we may feel like one small cog in a massive machine, but the removal of one cog will render the entire contraption useless. Every letter in this message is necessary to properly communicate the idea that “small” is nonexistent in the grand scheme of things. Bees are a prime example; their pollination is critical maintaining our food source.

The idea of “six degrees of separation” may be debatable, but I like to believe it is true regardless. In fact, today, it may even be five of just four degrees of separation due to the internet. I enjoy the idea that my actions will have a major impact on society across the globe or thousands of years from now.

Since we are ignorant to what the future holds, we would be wise to be careful what we do. I am not saying to spend your life worrying about making the correct decision for everything. Many times we need to make a decision progress in life; whether it be right or wrong. Just know that you are ALWAYS significant and that your actions are significant as well.

*Disclaimer: I did not create this video nor do I own any of its contents. No copyright infringement intended.*

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