The Mind

Universial mind

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.”

– Ronald Reagan

Our thoughts create us. What you think you become and the frequency of those thoughts make that idea a reality all the more faster. You will attract what you think about. This is a simple concept. What is difficult to comprehend is how our thoughts translate into reality.

Nothing is done without IMAGINING what it is we wish to do. Waking up requires one to IMAGINE it happening first. Every step we take, every word we say, and every challenge we complete requires us to IMAGINE the outcome before achieving the goal. We seem to believe that as we grow older our sense of imagination dies, when in actually it never goes away. Your brain is like a muscle, you either use it or lose it. Our imagination does not die, it simply dwindles because we do not challenge ourselves to work past our current state.

We seem to think that situations control our thoughts, when the reverse is the truth; our thoughts control the situation. Being angry is a chosen response to a situation. No one can “make” you angry unless you allow them too; The same goes for hypnotism. We are capable of actively deciding how we will feel before, during, and after any scenario (good or bad). Deciding not to allow a situation to control your emotions is a skill that many do not develop. This is often due to the fact that they did not know it existed and they believe situations control their state rather than themselves. Developing this ability to control your thoughts regardless of the situation is liberating.

Many things in life we do not understand and do not make sense to us; But I believe this is a good thing. Our lives would be extremely uninteresting if we understood everything since there would be nothing left to learn. Thinking logical has crippled people time and time again. People like the Wright brothers, Albert Einstein, and Alexander Gram Bell all decided to think outside of what people considered to be “realistic” or “logical”. Since they decided to challenge the mentality of their time, their imagination became a reality.

The mind is incapable of differentiating between reality and fantasy. A dream feels very real even though it is not actually happening. This fact holds true when awake also. Our reality is a composite of what we see as true. This means that one person’s fantasy can be another person’s reality. Knowing this allows people to better understand one another and shows us that our perspective is just one of an infinite amount of perspectives. A simple example of this is the color red: to me, I understand what that looks like but to a blind person that image does exist in their mind.

Our mind is connected to the universe which means that we are also connected to one another. Every thought he have manifests itself in some way shape or form into reality. I encourage you to think positively and to do it everyday. Be willing to write down your positive thoughts just as I have. It may prove difficult at first, but you will begin to notice a change in the kind of people you meet and the sort of opportunities that come your way.


*WARNING: The following video contains graphic images.*

*Disclaimer: I did not create this video nor do I own any of its contents. No copyright infringement intended.*

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