Why Not N.O.W.?

“Making plans for the future is of use only to people who are capable of living completely in the present.”

– Alan Watts

About a year ago I saw someone fly out the windshield of a truck. It was a car accident that caused the truck to tilt and begin to spin on its side. This made me realize how quickly life can end and how acting on my dreams now is the only time available to me.

We are in a perpetual state of nowMeaning that we only ever experience the now. The past and the future are simply different versions of now. The person we were yesterday is  different from person we are right now. The same will be said for who we will be tomorrow. If we choose to do something in life that is outside of “now”, it will never happen. We can make plans for the future now it but plans to do not ensure success; consistent action does. In order to act one must do it now since the future is a privilege that can be altered or even nonexistent. Knowing this, I intend on making it a passion to take action.

I’ve herd from various sources that the word “now” is an acronym: No Opportunity Wasted. Take a moment to evaluate what people’s lives would look like if they could see all the missed opportunities of their lives. It is one thing to miss out on an opportunity due to ignorance of the opportunity. It is another thing to miss out due to lack of courage or laziness. What makes now so beautiful is that it can be anything we want it to be. As long as we take control over our lives and demand ourselves to act, the limitations on what we can become are nonexistent.

Think of the alternative. Waiting for the perfect time to act can result in doubt, complacency or simply forgetting what you desire to act upon at that given moment. The time spent waiting can be time spent creating the ideal conditions to achieve a goal. Many great ideas die when no immediate action is taken; much like seeds without any water. If Bill Gates had not decided to act, it is unlikely that you would not be reading this. If Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Dr. Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela waited for the opportunity to act, imagine what this world would be today.

A few months after seeing that person die flying out the windshield, I was told that accident was caused by road rage. The husband was driving angrily and he lived while his wife died. As tragic as the story is, it is also a reminder that the future is not promised and that “now” is the only time we truly have to act.

*Disclaimer: I did not create this video nor do I own any of its contents. No copyright infringement intended.*

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