Breaking Down a Boulder


I remember a text my mentor from Upward Bound sent me. He sends encouraging sayings monthly, quotes that are completely original to him. “Break down a boulder and small rocks emerge making it easier to move. Break down a problem and you now have the pieces to complete your puzzle.” This by far is my favorite. I can appreciate the different ways to approach problems. This is an excellent way to approach anything. We are often flabbergasted by the magnitude of some of our more challenging problems, that we end up trapped in our own perplexity.

We are so quick to give ourselves reasons why we cannot achieve our desires and all that does is remind us of the boulder we cannot move. If we would just set up a step-by-step process, and actually follow through with it, we could solve more problems than we could create.

In today’s world it is very easy to find someone who has overcome the same problem that someone else may be facing. A problem can become infinitely difficult when the chosen perspective is a pessimistic one. However, a simple change in perspective can allow problems to not only become easier, but can create solutions to more problems down the road.

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