Not Finding Yourself, But Creating Yourself

You can have more than what you have because you can become more than what you are.” These are the words of the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn. Ultimately, life is not about finding yourself, but life is about creating yourself.

A few months ago, I did what was called the “Rice Experiment” coined by Dr. Emoto. I took three containers of cooked rice labeled them. One was labeled “Love” another was “Hate” and another was not labeled at all. Each day I said to each container what was written on it (that’s right, I was talking to rice). One “I love you” the other, “I hate you.” I continued this for a month and the results were astonishing. No dark spots on the “love” rice, lots of dark patches on the hate rice, and nearly all gray rice on the one that is neglected. It shows that our thoughts and words have power in the physical word, more so than we think we do.

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