Can and Cannot

I heard Will Smith say once that “He who says he can, and he who says he cannot are both usually right.” From my conversations with people lately and in conjunction with what I have already said in conversations of the past, I firmly believe that no man is born with a special gift or ability that no other human being is born without. Rather, we are all born with the ability to become whatever we see fit. The best example I like to use is the “I cannot be an engineer” conversation that I always have:

Person: “I don’t know how you do that. I could never be an engineer. You must be pretty smart. I cannot do all that math and science.”

Me: “Yes you can. You simply choose not to because it does not interest you. Yet you have the capability, you just do not have the will to pursue such a goal and that is ok―just as I do not intend on pursuing your major.”

The problem when pursuing anything in life is that we are focused on the can or the cannot. Focused on making excuses for ourselves. Focused on the fear of failure. Focused on the steps needed to get there and not simply the first and ultimately only step needed to get there; the thought. Our subconscious mind is so flooded with he said she said, this song that song, this deadline, that car, this payment, or this man being killed by this man. This affects our bodies and that is a proven fact. We pay attention to the illness developed but are unable to notice when our body is telling us that illness is developing AND why. Surely overtime, being oblivious to the affects that we ALLOW society to have on us can harm us. If we as human beings can focus our entire mind on one thing only, anything will be achieved.

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