Being Your Own Teacher

My self-defense teacher once told me that we are our own teachers; That the people who we claim to be teachers are simply facilitators of information to guide you, but at the end of the day, only you can teach yourself anything. Human beings and other species alike help facilitate and provide unknown information to their young, yet it is up to the young to learn how to walk.

The fact that I have the free will to teach myself blew my mind. It was never about the teacher’s teaching technique, it was about my own technique. I found this very inquisitive because it makes perfect sense in my eyes. He went on to say that it was all about the drive; the determination to learn from one’s self. I sat down and contemplated about how the human brain is capable of teaching itself, and with the surplus of resources in existence, of course we could teach ourselves.

At first, I thought this man was just making it all sound good and that it all was really bogus opinions. Yet he went on to say that pain prevents injury and that in itself is a self-learned experience. Falling down the stairs teaches one to be more careful next time they encounter stairs. No one taught the famous inventors and scientist of history how to create the contraptions that they did; the many trial and errors in-between experiments taught them, just as experience defines learning progression.

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